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What is Counselling?


RRS Counselling Service offers two forms of Counselling:- 

Online Counselling Sessions: 
  • e-counselling (asynchronous)  - Secure therapeutic e-mail correspondence is a two way exchange from you to your online counsellor and a response from your online counsellor
  • 'live' online session (synchronous)  - Online Counselling in real-time via Skype using written text, audio, or audio-visual computer-mediated technology 
Face-to-Face Sessions:
  • Face-to-Face  - Counselling currently available in Chester, Cheshire. Long-term and short-term sessions offered. Limited availability.


Counselling may be able to help you with:

Acceptance, Addiction, Affirmations, Anxiety, Aggression, Assertiveness, Attachment, Attainment, Awareness, Bereavement, Body Image, Bullying, Bullying in the Workplace, Change, Communication, Confidence, Confidence Building, Cyber Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, Emotional Difficulties, Employability, Exam Stress, Fear, Goals, Grief, Growing Pains, Identity, Labels, Loneliness, Loss & Bereavement, Mood, Motivation, Moving Forward, New Year, OCD, Panic Attacks, Peer Pressure, Peer Victimisation, Perfectionism, Performance, Personal Development, Phobias, Public Speaking, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Social Phobia, Stress, 'Stuckness', Time Management, Trauma, Uncertainty, Victimisation, Wellbeing, Work-Life Balance, Work-Related Stress, etc...


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What Counselling is not?

  • A counsellor does not offer legal, financial or medical advice.  If you need these or other services, then the counsellor may be able to suggest an alternative source of support and will endeavour to ensure that you get an appropriate referral.
  • Counselling cannot provide an emergency service.  If you are currently experiencing a crisis situation and need immediate support, please see Emergency Crisis.

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