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Supervision ensures that counsellors meet professional standards and work within the 'Ethical Guidelines for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy'.
The BACP recommends trainee/student counsellors on placement receive 1 hour of supervision per 8 hours of client work. Meanwhile, qualified and accredited counsellors are recommended to receive a minimum of 1.5 hours of supervision per month.
What is Supervision?

Supervision offers a safe and supportive environment, face-to-face or online, in which to explore the processes of the counsellor, client, supervisor, as well as the relationship between counsellor-client and supervisee-supervisor.
The main theoretical model supervisor Roxana employs is 'The Seven Eyed Model', which comprises of the following:
  • content of supervision session
  • focus on strategies and interventions
  • focus on the therapeutic relationship
  • focus on therapists' process
  • focus on the supervisory relationship
  • focus on the supervisor's own process
  • focus on wider context 
In supervisor Roxana's words: "I believe that supervision enhances self-awareness as a therapist, increasing knowledge-base and personal development, which in turn benefits clients".

RRS Counselling & Consultancy Services offers varied forms of Supervision:-
Online Supervision (Individuals):
  • 'Live' text-based session (Synchronous) - Online Supervision in real-time via Skype using written text, suitable for individual, peer and group supervision
  • 'Live' audio-visual session (Synchronous) - Individual 'live' Online Supervision in real-time via Skype with audio-visual computer-mediated technology
  • Asynchronous & Synchronous - A combination of secure e-mail supervision correspondence and 'live' text-based supervision for individuals
Online Supervision (Groups):
  • Text-Based (Synchronous) - Online Group Supervision in real-time via Skype using written text
Face-to-Face Supervision:
  • Face-to-Face - Supervision currently available in Chester, Cheshire
For a Supervision Information Leaflet including services and fees, or to book an initial session contact us

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