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Training & CPD
Individual, Group and Corporate training & CPD packages available 
*Bespoke Half or Full Day CPD & Certificate of Attendance   
Online Workshops for individuals and/or small groups:- 
Introduction to Knowing Me & Knowing You
New Year, New YOU
Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing
An Introduction to Anxiety
Positive about Body Image
Stress Management
Challenging Negative Thinking
Time Management
Work-Life Balance 
Assertiveness Techniques
Online Presence
An Introduction to Bullying
An Introduction to Cyber Bullying
Seminars/Workshops for Qualified Counsellors & Psychotherapists:
Introduction to Online Counselling Skills
Introduction to e-Counselling: The Practicalities
Design Your Online Presence
Cyberspace, Social Media & Me
How To Be Socially Savvy in Cyberspace
Developing Effective Online Relationships

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