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With a wealth of knowledge and experience of working within Child, Adolescent, and Adult mental health, Founder/Owner of RRS Counselling & Consultancy Services is available to raise awareness of mental health issues, in the hope of promoting positive mental health and well-being. Roxana was recognised as a 'Professional Hero - Therapist' by Mental health organisation www.mentalhealthy.co.uk and national charities SANE, The Mental Health Foundation, The Centre for Mental Health and Emergence for her fantastic achievements. More information about the Awards and full short-list here. Furthermore, Roxana was delighted to be nominated for a further two Health Activist Awards in 2012; 'Ms Congeniality' and 'Unsung Hero' Awards in 2012.

Roxana posts regularly about mental health issues on social media and continues to devote her spare time to not-for-profit projects, which includes The Positive Vibes Project; promoting positive attitudes towards mental health, well-being and wellness by sharing and inspiring creativity.

Regularly featured in local, national and global media, Roxana prides herself in sharing relevant, up-to-date and thought-provoking comment.

If you are interested in Roxana Rudzik-Shaw (MSc (Dist), BSc (dual hons), MBACP, MBPsS, ACTO) writing a bespoke comment for your article, newsletter feature or discussing other media contributions for you or your organisation, feel free to contact Roxana here

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