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 MSc in Counselling Psychology (Distinction); Prof. Online Couns Supervision Cert II (Distinction); Prof. Online Couns Supervision Cert; Prof. Cert in Online Couns Skills; Cert in Supervision; Prof. Cert. in Counselling; First Steps in Counselling; BSc Psych & Criminology (Dual Hons); Reg. MBACP; MBPsS Psychologist; ACTO Registered Online Counsellor & Online Supervisor; Anti-Bullying Alliance Associate Member; ICO Registered Data Controller

 Mental Health

I am a professional, experienced and compassionate Counsellor/Supervisor, eager to help you to be the best you can be.

Experience of offering long-term and brief therapy in the NHS, a multitude of agencies within the voluntary sector, and in private practice.

The counselling work that I offer is predominantly Person-Centred/Integrative. My core counselling training is in Humanistic Psychotherapy (based on personal growth and self development). I endeavour to offer you the core conditions described by Carl Rogers as empathic understanding, congruence and unconditional positive regard.

I have been trained in various approaches, including CBT, Psychodynamic theory, Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy and Transactional Analysis, which I will be able to draw on in our therapeutic work together if you believe these approaches may help you.

I believe in tailoring our therapeutic work to suit your individual needs and particular goals. Therefore, I am able to offer an Integrative approach drawing on numerous other theoretical counselling and psychological approaches to ensure that your individual needs are listened to, understood, and challenged as appropriate.  


Face-to-Face and Online Counselling Services

I have achieved a MSc in Counselling Psychology with Distinction, and prior to this I completed a Certificate in Counselling, First Steps in Counselling, and BSc in Psychology & Criminology (dual hons), which has provided me with a sound foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

I completed further professional training in Online Counselling, recognising the importance to my clients of accessing therapeutic services regardless of boundaries in time and space. I offer e-counselling (asynchronous) and 'live' online counselling (synchronous) sessions. I have gained experience as an Online Counsellor with adults in private practice and also for a national charity working digitally with children and young people.


Face-to-Face and Online Supervision Services

Additionally, I completed training as a Supervisor. I offer face-to-face supervision in the Chester area, as well as online supervision (Individual, Peer, Group) using computer-mediated technology.



  • Diploma in Online Counselling (In Progress)
  • OCST Online Counselling Supervision Certificate 2 with Distinction (Online Counselling Services and Training)
  • OCST Online Counselling Supervision Certificate (Online Counselling Services and Training)
  • Certificate in Online Counselling Skills (Online Counselling Services and Training)
  • Certificate in Supervision (Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy)
  • MSc in Counselling Psychology with Distinction (Keele University)
  • Certificate in Counselling (Keele University)
  • First Steps in Counselling (Keele University)
  • BSc (dual hons) in Psychology and Criminology (Keele University)


Professional Memberships:-

  • Registered Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) - Reg. MBACP
  • Member of the BPS (British Psychological Society) - MBPsS
  • Member of ACTO (Association for Counselling and Therapy Online)
  • Member of ISMHO (International Society for Mental Health Online)
  • Associate Member of ABA (Anti-Bullying Alliance)
  • Registered with ICO (Independent Commissioner's Office) - Registered Data Controller

Professional Insurance:-

I hold current personal liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Professional Experience:-

I work with adults over 18 years old. I have worked in clinical and educational settings, including the NHS as a Counsellor and Counselling Supervisor, and in a multitude of agencies within the voluntary sector, charitable organisations, higher education and further education establishments, and now in private practice.


Ongoing Professional Development:- 

I am committed to my ongoing professional development. I strive to keep up-to-date with new research, seek further training to enhance my current knowledge-base and engage in CPD (Continuing and Professional Development) at every available opportunity.

In addition, I hope to continue planning, writing and delivering Training & CPD services.

Some of the CPD completed includes as follows:

  • The Science of Happiness (8 weeks, Berkeley University of California)
  • Haygarth Lecture: Securing the Emotional Health, Resilience and Wellbeing of Young People (University of Chester)
  • World Mental Health Day Conference (1 day, Rethink & Chester PLUS)
  • Adapting to & Embracing Change (half day, University of Chester)
  • Keeping Children Safe Online (half day webinar, NSPCC)
  • Child Protection (half day webinar, NSPCC)
  • ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (2 day, Papyrus)
  • New to Teaching (2 day training, University of Chester)
  • Fresh Start January (1 day wellbeing conference, Green Pages, Chester)
  • Sexting and Sextortion: Keeping Kids Safe (half day webinar, Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention)
  • Creativity and Innovation: Enhancing Learning Staff Conference (1 day, University of Chester)
  • Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy Conference: An Understanding of the Self (1 day, MIP)
  • Community Care Live 2011 (2 days workshops, keynotes and networking)
  • Palliative Care (3 day course, NHS)
  • MAPA (Managing Actual and Potential Aggression) - Personal Safety/Conflict Resolution (Breakaway) (1 day course, NHS)
  • CAMHS Tier 1 Training - Understanding the Mental Health of Children and Young People (2 day training, CAMHS)
  • Changes Wellbeing Workshop (8 weeks, Changes)
  • OCN Accredited Changes Volunteer Coordinator training (17 weeks, Changes)
  • CISM: Awareness & Understanding (half day training, NHS)
  • CISM: Defusing Skills in Practice (half day training, NHS)
  • Changes Recovery Workshop (7 weeks, Changes) 
  • Dementia Care training (2 day training, NHS)
  • Psychosis (half day training, NHS)
  • E-Mentor training (half day training, Aimhigher)
  • Aimhigher Associate Mentor training (3 day induction training, Aimhigher)
  • CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) debriefing (5 day Foundation course)
  • Counselling & Psychiatric Nursing ('Horizons' workshop, NHS)
  • Assertiveness & Communication Skills (half day workshop, NHS)
  • Assertiveness in Practice (half day workshop, NHS)
  • Keele University 2nd Counselling Psychology Conference: Crossing Borders (weekend workshops, Keele University)
  • Solution Focused Approaches (3 day course, NHS)
  • Basic Awareness of Substance Misuse (1 day course, NHS)
  • Keele University 1st Counselling Psychology Conference: Things Unsaid (weekend workshops, Keele University)
  • Information Governance/Data Protection Awareness (half day training, NHS)
  • Stress Management (4 day course, NHS)
Professional Achievements:-
Roxana has conducted in-depth qualitative research, written papers and presentations on varied subjects relating to Counselling Psychology and undertaken public speaking on numerous occasions. Below are a few of Roxana's professional achievements, including:
  • Nominated and Shortlisted for Above & Beyond Awards 2015 as 'Outstanding Non-Academic Support Staff' at University of Chester
  • Nominated 'Unsung Hero'
  • Nominated 'Ms. Congeniality'
  • Published as Bullying Expert in Charlie Plunkett's book '100 Little Words on Parenthood'.
  • Nominated and Shortlisted for Mental Healthy Hero Awards 2012 as 'Professional Hero -Therapist'
  • Invitation to present my MSc in Counselling Psychology research thesis to prospective MSc research students in 2008 and 2009
  • Delivering a presentation at an NHS away day about 'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder' in 2008
  • MSc in Counselling Psychology thesis, 'Counsellors' Experiences of Bullying: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis' in 2008
  • Speaker at Keele University's 2nd annual Counselling Psychology conference about 'Crossing Borders' in June 2008
  • Presentation about 'Confidence Building' to Keele Musicians' Society members in 2007 and 2008
  • Speaker at Keele University's 1st annual Counselling Psychology conference regarding 'Things Unsaid' in May 2007
  • BSc Criminology thesis, 'The Experiences and Consequences of Victimization' in 2005
  • BSc Psychology thesis, 'The Experiences and Consequences of Being Bullied at School, and the Coping Strategies Employed' in 2005 for which I received a Distinction (BSc 2:1 overall)  

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